Constructions and engineered timber products

  • We are the leading timber constructions and engineered timber products wholesaler in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The JAF product range covers all timber construction segments and timber construction applications:
    • Construction
    • Roofing
    • Walls
    • Claddings
  • We offer expert's advise from the product and wooden construction specialists.

A sustainable connection

A product range you can build on

Customers of the JAF Group can build on two things – the company and the products. As a full service supplier for carpenters and joiners, we offer the full range on products: Construction and structural timber, engineered timber, gluelam for roof and timber frame construction, structural panels through to cross-laminated timber for modern solid timber constructions. Naturally our product range also includes ecological insulation materials for a comfortable living environment, plus decorative products for internal and external use.

Advice included in the price

Sawn timber, OSB panels, cross-laminated timber – a variety of demands are placed on products used in modern timber construction. So it is helpful that JAF can provide you not only with the raw materials, but also expert know-how. We have never thought of ourselves as only distributors, but consult our customers technically as far as possible, for example via structural pre - sizing. The degree of prefabrication is defined together, and the timber is delivered accordingly.

Expertise? We have it in our DNA.

At every branch you will find timber construction experts, in other words trained carpenters or graduates of higher technical institutes. We regard ourselves as the interface between the timber industry and our B2B customers.

Our support begins at the offer and will accompany you through the whole project – in this way we help our customers prepare competitive quotations.


To sum up:

The JAF Group combines the benefits of a timber wholesaler – a comprehensive product range with 20,000 articles in store, plus rapid logistics nationwide – with expert specialist advice.


Sound expertise for trade customers

The right product/specificationto meet requirements.
Technical support for element planning and structural pre-sizing.
Extensive selection of engineered timber products through to insulation and accessories.
Nationwide consulting and sales support from our Austrian branch network and numerous international branches.


Examples of applications

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Behind JAF there are
six decades of
sheer wood expertise.

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