JAF in Slovakia

The success story continues

By 1998 we were pushing ahead with the expansion of the JAF group of companies in Slovakia. JAF HOLZ Slovakia was born with the first branch in Špačince, near Trnava. The company has now reached a position of market leadership, and with four branches our distribution network covers the whole country. As the only full service supplier in the wood and wooden materials sector, the company has grown fast in recent years, but also remained economically healthy. Slovakia’s joining the EU also generated positive economic framework conditions and impetus.

Steep growth curve

As our branches in Slovakia are also successful in acting independently and dealing with the respective market needs individually, our decentralised company strategy has proved itself to be a recipe for success here too. There are currently already more than 130 people working for JAF HOLZ in Slovakia, and the storage area has been substantially extended. Product variety coupled with product innovations, a professional processing service for the materials and a customer orientation put into practice are the further ingredients in our success.

Subsidiaries in Slovakia


JAF HOLZ Slovakia s.r.o.

Hospodárska 448
919 51 Špačince
phone: +421 33 592 51 11
fax: +421 33 557 34 19
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office
Slovakian headquarters


JAF HOLZ Slovakia s.r.o.

Kamenná 1
010 01 Žilina
phone: +421 41 707 02 33
fax: +421 41 707 02 11
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office


JAF HOLZ Slovakia s.r.o.

Ličartovce 300
082 03 Ličartovce
phone: +421 51 746 46 11
fax: +421 51 746 46 66

warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office


JAF HOLZ Slovakia s.r.o.

Sielnica 1100
962 31 Sliač
phone: +421 45 683 0512,13
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office

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