Holver in Romania

A somewhat different recipe for success

Our market entry in Romania took a different form to that of the other expansion steps. Our attention was first focussed on setting up a sawmill. What started with this step in 2000 is currently a national network of six branches with a wide product range, representing a further success story in this chapter of the company. Why the JAF Group trades in Romania as HOLVER is easily explained: in Romanian “JAF” means “robbery”, so the brand name was modified.

Construction and expansion

The new branch in Braşov started operations in 2002. The next branch followed in 2005 in Cluj and just a year later we opened further branches in Timişoara, Bucharest and Constanţa. Number six – which completes a choice of branches covering the entire country – is the branch in Iasi. What was initially a procurement market for sawn timber and veneers has now developed into a high performing distribution organisation with a wide product range. But we have also ensured that the important basic area remains covered with the founding of a dedicated company for the production of sawn timber and veneers, J.F.FURNIR.

J.F.FURNIR – the sawmill and veneer mill

A country rich in wood

No matter whether it is oak, beech, beach heartwood, maple, cherry wood, white ash, ash heartwood or also softwood, in Romania there are sufficient quantities of raw materials for the production of veneers, sawn timber and decking. Romania is thus also an ideal location for production. The production site was well chosen: J.F.Furnir in Braşov is characterised by its excellent geo-economic location in the midst of a huge area of deciduous and coniferous forest.

Ultra-modern wood processing works

The J.F.Furnir sawmill and veneer mill, which opened in 2007, is equipped with ultra-modern systems engineering across all its production areas. The wood that has been thermally modified in the thermal chamber by means of the most modern methods is moved directly to the decking and wood moulding production areas. The first stage of all production processes in the plant is the use of the ultra-modern technical heart of the plant – the Bongioanni band saw (“1600”), which processes 30,000 solid cubic metres a year. After being sorted, this is sent to either the veneer or sawn timber production at the plant in Braşov.


Company video

As well as our high quality standards, another focus of production in Braşov is on service: for us it goes without saying that perfect implementation means incorporating our customers’ individual wishes into our production and customising this accordingly. You can get to know our factory and the employees of J.F.FURNIR in more detail in our video.

Subsidiaries in Romania


Holver s.r.l.

Şos. Cristianului 46
500053 Brasov
phone: +40 268 506136
fax: +40 268 506136

warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office
Romanian headquarters


Holver s.r.l.

Str. Principala 544
307350 Remetea Mare - jud. Timiş
phone: +40 256 230133
fax: +40 256 230134
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office


Holver s.r.l.

Com. Jucu 69B
407350 Jucu - jud. Cluj
phone: +40 264 402230
fax +40 264 402231
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office



Holver s.r.l.

Str. Industriilor 11
77040 Chiajna - jud. Ilfov
phone: +40 21 4079400
fax: +40 21 4079457
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office


Holver s.r.l.

Industriala Str. Nr.6
900147 Constanţa – jud. Constanţa
phone: +40 241 617197
fax: +40 241 617196
warehouses, office


Holver s.r.l.

Calea Chisinaului nr.29 C41/2
700177 Iasi
phone: +40 232 465837
fax +40 232 409030
warehouses, office


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