JAF in Croatia

Strong upturn

Frischeis entered the Croatian market in 1999 by taking a shareholding in a wood dealership in Zagreb. One year later the remaining shares were surrendered, and Frischeis took over the property in Velika Gorica together with 30 employees. During the first years the company was delighted by the good market and top growth. In 2005 the branch in Rijeka started operations, and in 2008 this was followed by the opening of the site in Sibenik. But the next year saw the collapse of the economy, whose effects are still being felt today.

Using potential

Even though there are still a few economic challenges to be overcome in Croatia, Frischeis has been able to enlarge its market share here and is the market leader once again. The main business comes from tourism, with numerous investments in hotels and holiday facilities. The 100,000 m² storage area, 10,000 m² of it in covered halls, also contributes to this success, by guaranteeing that a high number of wood products are promptly available. To safeguard our market leadership, in future we intend to continue to use the potential and intensify our customer relationships.

Subsidiaries in Croatia

Velika Gorica

J.u.A. Frischeis d.o.o.

Ljudevita Posavskog 49
10410 Velika Gorica
phone +385 1 622 38 53
fax +385 1 622 38 61
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office
Croatian headquarters


J.u.A. Frischeis d.o.o.

Industrijska zona Podi bb
22000 Šibenik
phone +385 22 467 615
fax +385 22 466 045
warehouses, showroom, decking display area, office


J.u.A. Frischeis d.o.o.

Kukuljanovo bb, Industrijska zona
51223 Škrljevo-Rijeka
phone +385 51 251 323
fax +385 51 503 227

warehouses, office


J.u.A. Frischeis d.o.o.

Zoranićeva 83
21210 Solin
+385 21 585-890
+385 21 585-891
warehouse, showroom, decking display area, office

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