JAF Group blacklists Ukrainian suppliers

Stockerau. In its report published on 14 July 2018, the non-profit organisation Earthsight reported on corruption and illegal activities related to timber imports from Ukraine into the EU. In this context, Earthsight accused a series of companies of not complying with the due diligence obligation defined by the EUTR. The report makes reference, among others, to purchases made by the JAF subsidiaries JAF Holz Ungarn (Hungary) and J.F. Furnir in Romania. Specifically, this relates to the Ukrainian suppliers Kitus LLC and Expert Assistance, both of which have found guilty of tax evasion and forgery. “The evidence mentioned relating to JAF was immediately evaluated internally,” says Katharina Schabasser, CSR Officer at the JAF Group. This investigation revealed that the suppliers named by Earthsight had supplied logs to J.F. Furnir via the intermediary Grandex Group in 2015. The cooperation with both of these suppliers only took place in that year. The abovementioned companies and the associated individuals were immediately blacklisted throughout the group as soon as JAF became aware of the accusations. All Ukrainian supplier relationships are currently being reviewed again.

“JAF is well aware of its role as a major market player,” Schabasser adds. “For us, ensuring the legal origins of our products is a top priority within the entire JAF Group and, associated with this, our key to our standing as a reputable and reliable partner for suppliers and customers.” It is for this reason that the JAF Group attaches such importance to an open exchange with NGOs such as Earthsight which make an important contribution to industry transparency.


CSR Officer:
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