JAF Polska named in report published by British Global Witness

Stockerau. In mid-March 2019, JAF Polska the Polish subsidiary of the Austrian JAF Group was mentioned in a report issued by the British NGO Global Witness entitled Buyers Beware How European companies buying timber from Industrie Forestière du Congo risk falling foul of EU laws. Global Witness reported on illegal timber felling and irregularities relating to tax payments on the part of the company IFCO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Being firmly committed to upholding legally-conform forestry management practices, JAF takes these allegations extremely seriously and is currently conducting an in-depth investigation into these accusations.


Responsibility for forest ecosystems

The JAF Group is committed to complying with sustainable forestry management standards along its entire supply chain and relies here on a comprehensive due diligence system. This due diligence system provides JAF with the means to optimally exclude the risk of illegal activities along supply chains. The effectiveness of the JAF due diligence system has been confirmed in all official and voluntary audits performed to date by the competent organisations. JAF is well aware of the relevance and the sensitivity of the allegations and is engaged in a proactive exchange with all of the stakeholders involved.


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