JAF Group committed to lawful forestry management

Stockerau. In February 2018, the JAF Group was contacted by the British environmental NGO Earthsight with information about malpractice on the part of two Ukrainian suppliers. JAF took immediate action and, following an in-depth internal investigation, terminated its cooperation with both of these suppliers. Shortly afterwards, Earthsight published a report entitled Complicit in Corruption, which highlighted deficiencies in the Ukraine’s forestry system and called upon industry players and other stakeholders to take action.

The management team of the JAF Group is aware of the challenges associated with the Ukrainian timber sector. JAF therefore attaches considerable importance to maintaining the standards of sustainable forestry practices and relies on a comprehensive due diligence system. This due diligence system provides JAF with the means to optimally exclude the risk of illegal activities along supply chains.


Action taken since February 2018

The Group’s due diligence efforts were intensified further after JAF was contacted by Earthsight. Key individuals were made more aware of the issue and the supply chain in the Ukraine was subjected to further investigations. The implementation and updating of the due diligence system is a continuous process with which JAF responds to current requirements arising in the market. The effectiveness of the JAF due diligence system has been confirmed in all official and voluntary audits performed to date by the competent organisations.

JAF supports the activities being undertaken by the various stakeholders which are in discussion with decision makers in the Ukraine and the European Union striving to improve the forestry system and forestry policy. Similarly, JAF also endorses calls for transparency and legal enforcement in the Ukraine.

The JAF Group is also aware of the ongoing dialogue and the criticism aimed at the Ukrainian forestry system, supporting the introduction of improvements in the Ukrainian forestry system by urgently demanding a transparent supply chain and the exclusion of corrupt suppliers.


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